We’re not just a party; we’re a movement. We are connecting citizens all over Europe into a single force to find the real-solution to the real-problems that no single state can solve alone.


40,000+ Supporters

6,000+ Volunteers

14 Registered Political Parties

Active in 31 Countries

...including the UK

Volt in the United Kingdom

The rise of populiste ideas slowly infusing within mainstream politics and the breakdown of our public  discord now more than ever shows we need to fight to keep our Europe, our family of nations, together.

British politics are broken. It's your turn to fix it!

Volt gave thousands of us hope. Gave us a voice when we felt silenced, forgotten and neglected. Volt gave us the family we’ve never had. No matter our differences, our ego is put aside for the sake of the common good. Passionate fighters for the change that needs to happen before it’s too late. Volt is another chance to fight back!

Founded in 2017 by three Europeans from France, Germany and Italy in the light of the Brexit referendum and the rise of populist movements, Volt was born as a pan-European movement and party aimed to push for a more progressive, pragmatic, evidence-based policy approach to transnational issues such as populism, discrimination, social and economic inequality, corruption and climate change.

Volt is the first successful pan-European political movement, focused on empowering citizens in politics for a Europe based on a strong political union between the European nations, where risks are shared and benefits reach everyone, not just a few. Through a grassroots approach to politics, and community organising initiatives, we are connecting and enabling communities, at local and national level, to become empowered and fight for a better future.

The future is now.

Find your Volt.