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Volt believes that politics needs to be different. As such we pledge that we will display every donation above £200 on our transparency page. Volt doesn't accept dark money, Volt doesn't money from people we dont agree with. Honest politics, it is that simple.

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Giving as little as £10 helps to buy leafltes, posters and digital advertising so that we can spread the vision of a better Europe.

Donate via paypay up to £50. To donate larger sums please give via bank transfer. To get details of this contact us.

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What is Volt UK Doing?


To comply with the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000, Volt United Kingdom only accepts donations above £50 from individuals who are on the UK Electoral Register or from businesses that have a registered seat in the UK. All such donations of more than £50 must be accompanied by the full name and address of the donor for Volt UK to confirm that a donor of more than £500 to the Volt United Kingdom in the course of a calendar year is included on the electoral register in the UK.  

Volt United Kingdom is also required to inform the Electoral Commission of donations from any individual totalling more than £7,500 in a single calendar year for publication on the public register of political donations maintained by the Commission.  It is an offence not to reveal the true source of a donation and donors must not pass on money from a third party.

Surpassing this requirement Volt UK pledges to be fully transparent about its income and publish any donations of more than £200 on the transparency page.