Make Votes Matter

The British Electoral System for the House of Commons is undemocratic and leads to citizens’ votes being wasted. Volt pledges support for a reform in the electoral system in line with the Good Systems Agreement developed by our partners Make Votes Matter.

Volt has joined the Make Vote Matter Alliance with many others to campaign as a single force to overturn FPTP once and for all. Currently parties from all political ideologies support the campaign alongside other organisations and individuals.

YouTube: Our chance to win Proportional Representation


1. PROPORTIONALITY: Good systems ensure that seats closely match votes, with parliamentary representation at least as proportional as the Scottish Parliament. 

2. REPRESENTATION: Good systems ensure MPs and governments represent the views of the voters. 

3. EQUAL VOTES: Good systems ensure the value of individual votes is not distorted by factors such as geography, and minimise the need for tactical voting. 

4. LOCAL LINKS: Good systems maintain links between MPs and specific geographic areas. 

5. DIVERSITY: Good systems encourage the election of parliaments reflecting the population. 

6. VOTER CHOICE: Good systems allow voters a wide choice of parties, and allow voters to express preferences for people rather than just parties. Any lists used must be democratically determined. 

7. ACCOUNTABILITY: Good systems ensure MPs and governments are accountable to the voters. 

8. BALANCE OF STABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY: Good systems engender stable, flexible government that has the ability to compromise. 

9. SUSTAINABILITY AND ADAPTABILITY: Good systems are able to respond and adapt to changing needs without requiring frequent or fundamental change. 

10. VOTING SIMPLICITY: Good systems and ballot papers are easy for voters to understand and use.

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It is all too clear that the First Past the Post electoral system used widely across the UK, for general elections, as well as local elections, is undemocratic. FPTP is unfair to smaller parties, encourages conflict rather than co-operation and leads to the majority of votes cast in elections being wasted. Increasingly, the results generated by FPTP do not reflect the true breadth and depth of British political opinion. 

During the 2019 General Election many campaigns encouraged voters to vote tactically against the candidates or parties they don’t want rather than for those they do want. Volt is therefore campaigning to replace the electoral system used for general elections, regional elections and local elections in favour of a PR system in line with the Good Systems Agreement.

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