The Amsterdam Declaration

In a ground-breaking move, Volt will campaign on one single programme across Europe for the elections to the European Parliament: the Amsterdam Declaration.

As a bit of background, Volt plans to campaign in at least 7 countries and aims to have minimum 25 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in order to form an independent group and truly bring change to Europe.

Volt already adopted our mapping of policies at the end of May 2018 in Paris. This mapping of policies was written by around 200 volunteers from across the continent, with the input from a range of experts, and was drafted to provide guidelines for Volt's national chapters to ensure consistency. It was also produced in an effort to showcase our position on key issues to potential Volters and to the public.  

Because we decided to do politics a different manner, we will campaign on the Amsterdam Declaration. This document will detail what we will do, how and in what order once in Parliament. All Volt MEPS will come together and be bound to work toward these goals, in a true pan-European manner. It will be both visionary but also realistic: we want to ensure that we deliver on our promises.

This Declaration is currently being worked on by our policy team and will be adopted at our General Assembly in Amsterdam on October 27thand 28th, and be translated in all European languages.

It is about time to change politics in Europe. If you want to be part of an endeavour that will change the future of our continent forever and for the better, join us!

Colombe, for the Policy Team  

Update: the Amsterdam Declaration was officially adopted at the Volt General Assembly, read it here !

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