Volt UK Vision

Volt UK stands for a Europe based on a strong political union between the European nations, where risks are shared and benefits reach all Europeans, and where every person has a voice. It stands for a Europe with a robust economy that provides opportunities for all, now and for future generations, a Union that is an economic powerhouse. It stands for a Europe that takes care of its people, where children enjoy a cleaner environment, where migration flows are managed together, and where rights are guaranteed and responsibilities shared. Volt UK stands for a truly progressive European project

The objectives of the Party shall be to:

(a) fight for a United Kingdom that is part of the European project; 

(b) represent British citizens’ interests in the European Union; 

(c) realise Volt Europa’s policies in the United Kingdom; and

(d) reform politics in the United Kingdom into a progressive, solution-based, dynamic and tolerant process that serves everyone living in the United Kingdom.

honest, fair and cooperative politics

We are European

Volt UK regrets the decision of the UK to leave the EU. Volt UK calls for the UK and the EU to retain the closest possible ties. Volt UK also implores all actors to ensure that EU27 citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU27 retain their existing rights. We will work to address the reasons for the Brexit vote in the UK- it is clear both the UK and the EU need serious reform. We want to reform and strengthen EU governance and institutions for a more democratic, more transparent and stronger Europe. We intend that a reformed UK will return to the reformed EU, as soon as possible, and continue to drive change.

Fix Britain's Place in the World

In today's interconnected world, the UK needs to assume responsibility for the role it has to play in facing global challenges. These include combating climate change, promoting international fair trade, international development cooperation, ensuring food security while committing to sustainable farming practices and protecting biodiversity. Britain must recognise that its lost EU Membership will be a challenge to leverage global change, but now it's more important than ever that it must be active in the world for good. 

Community Empowerment

Volt is a proud supporter of the principle of subsidiarity. We want to bring people closer to politics and make them real policy & decision makers in their own city and neighborhood. Politics made by the people, for the people. Too many regions in the UK are economically disadvantaged: these regions need to be given the tools and support to unlock their potential.

Empower Citizens

People across the UK should feel empowered to take informed political decisions, be able to influence politics beyond elections alone and exercise their democratic rights within a fair, resilient and highly deliberative democracy. We believe that this can be achieved through the fostering of a pluralistic information & media landscape and utilising tools & technologies created specifically for political engagement and empowerment.

System Reform

It is all too clear that the First Past the Post electoral system used widely across the UK, for general elections, as well as local elections, is undemocratic. FPTP is unfair to smaller parties, encourages conflict rather than co-operation and leads to the majority of votes cast in elections being wasted. Increasingly, the results generated by FPTP do not reflect the true breadth and depth of British political opinion. We have teamed up with Make Votes Matter to support the Good Systems Agreement to bring proportionality to the UK electoral system.

Real Devolution Reform

The United Kingdom is one of the most centralised and unitary countries in the World. A crucial constitutional reform is needed to make sure all British peoples can make the right decision for their people. Significant powers should be incorporated to the basic competences of UK’s constituent countries and regions. Central and local political reforms are necessary to ensure proper citizen participation and active government response. 

Our Campaigns: